Pros of keeping a lionhead rabbit outdoors

Besides housing your lionhead inside you could also choose to house it outdoors. There are some pros and cons for doing so. We recommend to view the pros and cons of housing indoors as well before making a final decision.

Pros of keeping outdoors

A list of all the pros to keep a lionhead rabbit outside is shown. We are sure there are more reasons for housing outside so if you have some valuable feedback on the list we would really appreciate that. You can contribute by simply replying at the bottom of this page.

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+ Enough space, large cage

If you happen to have more than enough space outside you would be able to buy or create a larger cage/pen/shed etc. Your lionhead will directly benefit from this because their habitat is much larger than a regular indoor rabbit cage.

+ Less cleaning

In comparison with having a rabbit cage in your living room that requires daily cleaning in order to prevent unpleasant odors you will have to clean less if your cage is outside. Moreover, you won’t have to remove any urine stains that might occur if you house your bunny indoor.

+ Litter training is not necessary

You will not necessarily have to litter train your lionheads which saves you a lot of time.

+ Multiple lionheads in one cage/run

Due to the fact that you can create a special rabbit area outside you could possibly house more lionheads in a single cage. This depends on the cage type you plan to use.

+ Less likely to do damage

Having your lionhead run around in your living room could cause some damage to the interior. For example, they like to chew on remote controls, cables and even your furniture. By keeping them outside you might prevent these kinds of damage. Please keep in mind that


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    How much cold can a rabbit withstand, should I buy him a warming blanket or heating lamp I live in Fresno California

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