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This page contains an overview of frequently asked questions with answers that can be helpful to people who are interested in purchasing a Lionhead rabbit or already have them. These short questions are divided in the categories as shown below. A description of each category is given, in order to see the questions and their answers simply click at the category of your choice. It is important to mention that all of the listed questions and answers were provided by third parties. Do you have an urgent question and didn’t found the answer you were looking for? Please send an e-mail to with your question and we will try to provide you an answer.


This category contains questions and answers related to the temperament of the Lionhead Rabbit. Although the Lionhead Rabbit in general is very friendly they might become mean if you are irritating them. Therefore they require somewhat experienced handling.


Within this category simple and basic appearance related questions will be answered. For example, what do Lionhead Rabbit look like? How large do they grow and in what colors do they exist? What kind of fur do these rabbits have?

Daily care

Lionhead Rabbits do require daily care of their owner. This category contains question and answers that are related to the daily care of these rabbits. When compared with a more common rabbit the Lionhead Rabbit needs more care and attention of his owner. For more details about the daily care see this page.


In order to keep your Lionhead Rabbit healthy it is of great essence that you pay extra attention to what you feed the rabbit. What food can they eat? What is healthy? Do they eat hay? This category is all about answering short questions related to feeding your rabbit.

Special care

Besides receiving daily care a Lionhead Rabbit occasionally also has to receive special care. This category will provide the answers to simple questions such as, can my Lionhead Rabbit become ill? Does my rabbit need a vaccination?


This category will answer other questions that are related to the rabbit but do not belong to any of the listed categories above. For example, how much does a rabbit cost? What is their history?


  • patsy nelson

    i have a lionhead 3 mo. old can i give him timothy hay?

    1. Amanda

      I am not a veteranian but I helped raise baby bunnies from birth . Her mother Daisy had about 10 or twelve. It’s gentle on there stomachs because of the fiber content. But you can always call a vet!! ?

    2. Josh P.

      Alfalfa hay is preferred for the first six months. After that, you could use Timothy hay.

  • Kerry Downs

    Just bought a lionhead and she continually lays in her corner litter box. She has a hut but would rather lay in her litter box. I put her hay rack over her litter box to try and train her. Any suggestions? Also what type of things do they play with? She isn’t chewing in her wood toys or salt block. She is about two to three months old, can she have carrots?
    Thank you

    1. medicine m

      Hello, i am an ex-dwarf lop owner now having a lionhead. I believe it is okay to feed carrots but not too much, there should always be a balance between dry and fresh food.

  • Sandra

    Hi I am new owner of lionhead. Are they okay to stay in cage outside

    1. Lionhead Team

      Yes they are. See all the housing options here:

  • Jeff

    I have an awesome Lionhead bunny who is very friendly with me but doesn’t let me pick her up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make her trust me more and is there a proper technique? I was told to stroke top of head and relax their ears, then cover their eyes with one hand and scoop from under bum/feet with other and cradle almost like a baby supporting head and bum. Is this correct? Any help would be Greatly APPRECIATED.

  • April

    Can I feed my 4 month old Timothy Hay? I couldn’t find Alfalfa Hay

    1. Lashae

      I heard Timothy hay is better. Alfalfa Hay is high in protein and can get them fat

    2. Joyce

      Only Alfalfa Hay until the rabbit is 6 months old. You can find it online and at your local pet store.

    3. Rebecca

      I mainly feed a meadow grass/timothy hay mix. I do use soften alfalfa cubes for the real young babies and nursing mothers; as needed. If I do not have a normal bale on hand.

  • Joanne

    Do you have to get their teeth trimmed?

  • Alicia

    I want to breed my male REW lion head and I heard that I charge people to breed with my bunny but I don’t know how much I would charge let alone if that comment is even true. What’s the average price? Or is it even true?

  • Phuong

    My Lionhead just gave birth today. She is the first mother, we never had experience on taking care of Lionhead. What do we need to do?

  • Donna Ross

    Are L H rabbits as easy to get to use a litter-box as cats are??

    1. misscapri

      Speaking from personal experience, yes. My rabbit’s cage has a nice deep kitty litter box at one end, and the bunny used it right off. There are still some turds on the cage bottom, but she pees in the litter box and mostly poos in there too. I have the litter box at one end, and her food&drink plus shelter at the other. It has worked well so far.

  • Brenda Benson

    My granddaughter just got a lion head from a previous owner it’s a year old she is good natured but it biting an my granddaughter lives own oxygen an the rabbit bites holes in her hose how do we correct the rabbit without making her mean.

  • Linde

    I have a lion head that my fiancé was conned into taking-by. A friend who moved and didn’t want to or could take the bunny with them— she’s sweet friendly and potty trained to a litter box– she was very sociable until we put in hard wood floors, she doesn’t like coming out to play on those… point I need to find a safe place to take the bunny, it isn’t living. A rounded life here- I live in at louis Missouri, any suggestions would be appreciated

    1. Kristin

      We put rugs and towels down for the bunny to walk on over our hardwood floors. We also have a pen outside for it to play in daily.

  • Ivonne

    Cann i bred aa dwarf lionhead to a mini lop

  • janbryant

    I have to beautiful lionshead kits I need to sale they are 9 wks old, one black buck and a grey doe, they are doublecrowned, most people around here don’t know of the breed, they are pedigree. I purchased the sire for my granddaughter to show for 4-h, of course I purchased a doe for the other granddaughter and knowing little about rabbits I have kits.

  • Katelyn Morgenroth

    I live in Texas and it’s now the summer months. I have a lionhead bunny. She’s about 5 months old, going on 6 months. I let my rabbit run around outside a lot. She always looks like she is panting way more than she needs to. Even in the cooler months when I had her she panted the same way. I am worried she will have a heat stroke due to how hot it already is and how hot it could get. What’s the best way to keep her cool this summer. Thanks.

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