The main goal of our website is to provide more detailled information about the Lionhead rabbit breed. The website serves as a guide for people who own one or more lionhead rabbit(s) and people who are interested in purchasing them as well as professional breeders. We would like to share our fascination for this amazing rabbit with you. Our appreciation goes out to the many lionhead rabbit owners that shared their pictures and provided detailled information.

Why did we launch this website?

Before we launched this website we noticed that there was a lack of information available related to the lionhead rabbit and how to care for them. With the help of many others we managed to create a website that contains detailled information as well as stunning pictures of this amazing breed. Creating and maintaining a website is an ongoing process and therefore we are always looking for new ideas or information/tips/tricks that are still missing. Did you find something that is worth sharing with others and are you willing to make a small contribution? You can always send u Please let us know by filling in a contact form or send an e-mail.


Our database already contains a large amount of images that were send by lionhead owners but we are always looking to add more. Do you have some unique images and are you perhaps willing to add them to our database? Reach out to us. Thanks in advance.

Let us know

If you have any remarks, questions or tips to improve our website feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to or fill in the form. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Are you a breeder?

If you are a breeder and you would like to get listed at our lionhead rabbit breeders section please contact us as well.

Contact form

  • dana allred

    I am trying to send on contact

  • dana allred

    I enjoy the pictures from Wasatch hills rabbitry as that is the line my lionheads are from

  • Debbie

    looking for lionhead bunnies for sale around Houston, TX

  • Sal

    purebred lion head baby bunnies pure white with albino eyes bunny looking for a new home. very small, about 2.5 lbs and won’t go over 3.5 lbs full grown. Asking $75 rehoming fee. Please text or call for more info. Serious inquiries only please

    1. Gloria

      I would love one!!

  • Tiffany Ingellis

    I’m very interested in purchasing a lion head how do I get in contact with this seller?????

  • Shafqat Ullah

    please enter rabit price black head.
    thank you.

  • Shafqat Ullah

    black head rabit price.

  • Anthony Trowell

    Do you ship I live in Sylvester Ga?

  • Gary

    Our Rabbit is love sick/horny 24/7, he shagging his ball all day long so we are hoping to find a breeder or at least someone with a female rabbit that he can go nuts with, any help would be appreciated. Redcar. Cleveland. UK

  • diandria

    I reside in Manhattan and would like to purchase 2 bonded lionhead. How can I find the nearest breeder?

  • Amy

    How do I find out where I can buy a Lionhead in my area?

  • Taffie Lewis

    I’m looking for a 6-8 week old lion head bunny. I live inDouglasville Georgia. How can I find a breeder ?

  • Amy Fernandes

    im trying to find a breeder closest to me to purchase a lionhead bunny? I live in Rochester NY.

  • Lana Ahlquist

    I live close to Sioux Falls sd would like 2 female lionhead bunnies. Can’t seem to find any in this state or close and no phone numbers. Just keeps having you switch sites. Can you help me

  • Lana Ahlquist

    Trying to find two female lionhead bunnies live in Sioux Falls sd

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