Appearance, characteristics & personality

The Lionhead rabbit is a tiny rabbit that has a compact and rounded body. What makes them unique is the fact that they have a mane. Their mane has some similarities with the mane of a lion, you would almost say that someone must have crossed a rabbit with a lion.

Personality of a Lionhead rabbit

The lionhead can be seen as a friendly and well-mannered rabbit with a good personality. Although they enjoy attention of their owners and/or other rabbits a lot they don’t find it hard to be on their own. A strong social connection between rabbit and owner is therefore not required but still recommended. In general the lionhead rabbit is a recommended pet for young children due to their personality but it does needs some experienced handling. Moreover, when the rabbit feels insecure it might show signs of aggression.  With the right amount of training by adults the lionhead rabbit makes also a good pet for children.

How does a lionhead rabbit look like?

At first sight the Lionhead rabbit is like all other dwarf rabbits. The rabbit belongs to the more tiny and smaller rabbit breeds. Nevertheless, they do have a unique feature why many people fell in love with this relatively new breed. Around their head, chin, chest and occasionally their skirts(flanks) they are covered with an amazing mane of wool. The rabbit weighs on average; between 2,5 and 3,5 pounds. The length of their mane is on average 2-3 inch and forms a kind of “V”. It is possible that they also have transitional wool around their hindquarters.

Lionhead Rabbit Lilac
Lilac Lionhead Rabbit by Wasatch Hills Rabbitry
Orange Lionhead Rabbit
Orange lionhead rabbit by Eloquence Stud Rabbitry

Mane genes

A lionhead rabbit has either one or two gene(s) that causes that the rabbit has a mane. There are two different genes of which the rabbit has one of them. We can distinguish the Single mane and the Double mane types. Although they both are responsible for providing the lionhead rabbit with a mane a rabbit with a single mane gene has a mane that might diminish over time. In addition, the lionhead rabbit that has two copies of the mane gene will have a thicker mane when compared with a rabbit that has one copy.

Varieties and colors

The Lionhead rabbit can exist in many different varieties and colors. However, since the breed was only recently recognized in the United States there are less recognized varieties and colors available than there are in the UK. We refer to the varieties page for a full overview.

Fawn colored Lionhead Rabbit
Picture of a Fawn Lionhead Rabbit
Black Lionhead Rabbit
Black Lionhead Rabbit
  • Theresa Klayer Kappes

    I have 2 Lion Head bunnies, they both look very different , I am certain they are single mained, they have that long whispy hair, but my female has a different face, one side of her face is orange/caramel and the other 1/2 is black, any way I can forward photos ?

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