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How many times should I feed my lionhead rabbit?
It depends on the age of your rabbit. Young lionheads should receive be fed twice per day. Make sure you don’t feed your rabbit too much. This goes especially for fruits, if they eat too many fruit this could lead to diabetes.  After 7 months you just have to make sure that they have an unlimited supply of fresh water and hay.
What shouldn’t they eat?
Yoghurts treats are prohibited, they are very unhealthy and could lead to serious health concerns. Do not ever feed them lettuce as well as potatoes. There is a misunderstanding that rabbits seem to love lettuce which is in fact not the case. Please be extra careful with vegetables. Also make sure that your rabbit has no access to eating flowers in your garden. If you want to give them a little treat you could give them a small carrot.

What should my lionhead rabbit eat?
The basic ingredient of a lionhead’s diet is hay. Make sure they have unlimited access to hay. It should be fresh, when this is the case the hay will smell sweet. Replace the hay on a regular base. Besides your rabbit needs unlimited supply of water. In addition you could feed your rabbit with rabbit pellets that contains fibers and other healthy ingredients, or feed them with carrots. Moreover, you could also give them freeze dried grass. For more information we refer to this page.
What should I feed my baby lionhead?
After a baby lionhead is born you should give him timothy hay combined with pellets and freeze dried grass. For more detailed information about baby care we refer to this page.

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