Safe plants

It is important to provide your lionhead rabbit with a healthy diet. Main part of their diet should be hay and high quality pellets. You could also add leafy greens and other vegetables, fruits or certain plants. However, please keep in mind that not all of these are safe. For example, some plants that might grow in your own backyard can be very poisonous and in some cases even lethal for lionhead rabbits. The same goes for vegetables and fruits. For example, beans and eggplants can do serious harm to their digestive system.

Safe plants to feed a lionhead rabbit

We present a list of plants that won’t do any harm to the health of your lionhead bunny. Please note that this list isn’t complete and there might be a lot more plants that are safe. Also, when a certain is not on the list shown below it doesn’t mean that it unsafe for your rabbit. We have also included a list of unsafe plants so make sure to check that one as well. All in all, this list covers most of the plants that are safe. If you find a plant in your yard that is somewhat unfamiliar always check our lists and perhaps ask your vet for some advice. Especially with plants one has to be very careful. Only feed a certain plant if you feel absolutely positive that it can’t harm your bunny.

List of plants

View our list or study the image including illustrations of all plants. Do you know a plant that is also safe to feed a lionhead and is not listed yet? Make sure to make a comment. Thanks in advance. A special thanks to for using their illustration.

Agrimony, Apple Leaves/Twigs, Avems, Birch, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Meadow Cranesbill, Bramble, Burnet, Chickweeds, Cleavers, Clover (white), Coltsfoot, Common Mallow, Dandelion, Dog Rose Petals/Leave, Groundsel, Hawkweed, Hawthorn, Herb Robert, Hoary Plantain, Knapweed, Marigold Flowers, Nipplewort, Pineapple Mayweed, Smooth Sow Thistle, Wild Chamomile, Yarrow

safe plants lionhead rabbit
These plants are safe to feed