Showing a lionhead rabbit

A fun aspect of having a lionhead rabbit is that you are able to participate at a rabbit show and let your lionhead compete with others and perhaps even win a price if the judges will fall in love. Although this might sound very simple, the opposite is true. Showing your rabbit is a complex matter and requires some experience as well as certain knowledge regarding the entire showing process. If showing rabbits is entirely new to you this page assists you in setting your first steps towards participating at a rabbit show.

Lionhead rabbits being judged at a show
Ruby Eyed White lionheads are being judged at a show

Basic rabbit show terms

At first a few basic terms that will be used often at rabbit shows and therefore you should know them. For example , your amazing REW doe could win the following legs: Best of Variety (BOV) – This means that seen within the REW lionhead variety according to the judge she was the best. If so, a REW buck would win the leg: Best Opposite Sex of Variety (BOSV). If the judges believe that your doe was the best of all lionheads she would be rewarded with the Best of Breed (BOB) leg. An other buck would then receive the Best Opposite Sex (BOS) leg. The most outstanding achievement is becoming the Best in Show (BIS).

Showing a lionhead rabbit within the United States

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognized the breed since February 2014. The following varieties are officially allowed to be shown and can compete for BOV, BOB, as well as best in show (BIS): Ruby-Eyed-White and Tortoise (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac). However, this doesn’t mean that when for example you have a beautiful Chestnut lionhead you won’t able to attend to shows. In many cases all colors/varieties that have a certificate of development can compete for best of variety (BOV), the same applies for other varieties. Nevertheless, they can’t win the best of breed leg as well as the best in show. We advise to check which varieties are allowed prior to attending to a show.

Lionheads that are being judged at a show
The jury is deciding which lionhead should become best of breed.

Showing a lionhead in the United Kingdom

In contrast with the United States the lionhead breed was already officially recognized since 2002 within the United Kingdom in all known rabbit varieties. Therefore there are no restrictions for showing your lionhead in the UK, all colors can compete for best of breed and best in show.

Lionhead breed standards

Now that you have learned the basics it is time to explain how judges grade your lionhead. Both the British Rabbit Council and the American Rabbit Breeders Rabbit Association have constructed a breed standard. These standards explain in detail how a lionhead is judged. Each rabbit can earn up to 100 points if they match the list of criteria that is divided into several categories such as for example, the mane, color & condition etc. If you would like to know more about the breed standards we refer to the following pages, UK & US.

Overview of several legs won by rabbits at a show