What to feed a Lionhead Rabbit?

In order to keep your lionhead rabbit healthy it is important to the select the best diet and give them healthy food only. Feeding your bunny on a daily basis is of great essence, and should be done with great care. For example, if you feed your rabbit with food that contains loads of proteins or fat this might harm him. This is due to the fact that their digestive system is created for digesting low nutrition food instead of highly nutrition food that contains large amounts of proteins,fat and calcium.

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Lionhead Rabbit diet

The basic ingredient of a rabbit diet is hay. More than 75% of their diet should consist out of eating hay. There are many different kinds of hay available. Below an overview of recommended hay is shown. Also take a look at these safe plants that lionhead rabbits are allowed to eat.

Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay lionhead babies
Alfalfa hay is recommended for feeding young lionhead babies

Lucerne or how most people call it; Alfalfa hay is one of the most commonly used hay within a rabbit diet. What makes this type of hay so popular is that it is a great a fiber source, its nutrition value is extremely high. Besides large amounts of calcium and protein it also contains multiple vitamins (B,C,D,E and K) and minerals. There is however downside, as mentioned feeding food that has extreme nutrition values could lead to for example obesity. As a result it is not recommended to feed lionhead rabbits who are older than 7 months with Alfalfa hay. Nevertheless, it is a very suitable hay for young lionhead bunnies since they need a lot nutrition in order to grow. Please take the above in consideration when composing the diet.

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Timothy hay

Timothy Hay for Lionhead Rabbit
Timothy Hay is recommended for full-grown lionhead rabbits.

This type of hay is very popular, there is however a clear explanation. Identical to Alfalfa hay Timothy Hay is also a healthy fiber source that contains calcium, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. However, the great difference is that Timothy hay has smaller amounts of nutrition. As a result it won’t harm the rabbit’s digestive system. Timothy hay is therefore extremely suitable for rabbits of all age. Besides, expert’s state that is has also some dental benefits. Looking for a good deal?

We recommend: Carefresh Timothy Hay Pet Food, 32-Ounce

Other hay

In addition to Alfalfa and Timothy there are also other suitable alternatives. For example meadow hay. Contact your vet or pet store if you would like some more information about these alternatives.

Fresh water

Besides eating hay it is essential to provide your lionhead rabbit with fresh water. In general their diet consists out of eating hay and drinking water. Before you replace the water make sure you clean the bottle/container in order to maintain their health. Moreover, fresh water should be available at all time.



In order to complement the diet of a lionhead rabbit is it advised to feed them with pellets. These pellets which are in fact small pieces of squeezed hay also contain a lot of nutrients of which it is possible that they are not present within the regular hay your rabbit gets. However, please keep in mind to be careful with feeding pellets. It is common that they are also used to make sure that a rabbit gains a lot of weight. Therefore feeding can easily lead to obesity. Moreover, there are many different pellets available. As a result it might be wise to consult your vet for some advice. An alternative is to search the online web for recommendations. Ideally you should look for pellets that have plenty of fiber and low amounts of protein. All in all, pellets complement a lionhead rabbit diet but the basic rule is; carefully dose the amount of pellets you feed.

Basic lionhead rabbit feeding guidelines

If you are looking for more detailed information about what your lionhead rabbit should eat and how many times you should feed him or her we refer to this special basic feeding guidelines page. The page describes in great detail what you should feed and what you shouldn’t feed your lionhead.

  • Diana Petersen

    Thank You For your information however I was wondering about feeding our bunny lettuce,celery and any other vegetables we can give her.

    1. Lucy

      Hi, when we bought our bunny they told us no lettuce ever, they cannot eat that.

      1. Selina

        My bunny loves lettuce, the house rabbit society say that you can feed them lettuce but it may cause gas.

      2. Melissa

        They cannot have iceberg lettuce. Any other is good (Boston, Leafy, Romaine, ect.) You cannot feed Iceberg lettuce as the water content is too high.

        1. Kylie boring

          They can just not to much or they can get drea.

      3. John Anzalone

        Lettuce is good like romaine no ice berg.

      4. Ebony

        same, they said the lettuce would cause the rabbit to have the runs and make he/she be sick ???!

      5. Ebony

        you can feed your rabbit lettuce, just don’t give it too much because that can lead to the rabbit having the runs:)

    2. JB

      The House Rabbit Society has a pretty extensive guide on what and how many fruits and vegetables to feed rabbits here:

    3. John Anzalone

      I feed my rabbit lettuce no celery cause too many strings to digest

    4. Mia

      Hi, yes, veg such as celerly, broccoli and fennel, you can each day, but herbs such as parsley, and balm a few times a week. This is the dame with carrots and apples.Lettuce is a lactive and should rarley befed as can harm your rabbits digestive system.

    5. michele crotty

      my name is Hannah and I feed my lion head
      rabbit celery and lettuce every day but you only have to give it to them three times a day does that answer you question.

    6. Diane

      No iceberg lettuce romaine or other dark green lettuce dark green vegetables broccilli asparagus

  • YaYa's Mama

    No iceberg lettuce.

  • Liza

    Can u feed them corn on the cob

    1. Jady

      Ask the vet, to be sure. I had a bunny that loved it and lived a good long life, but I’d always ask the experts.

  • Bob

    What makes bunnies poop a lot

    1. MJ

      Greens make them go diaria

  • John

    It the other food like carrots and lettuce. Hey will correct that

  • Tiffany

    my bunny is 10 months and 5 pounds, what am I doing wrong? i give hay and pellets, he eats when he wants to, he eats a few pieces leaves the bowl comes back and for that all day

  • dylded

    so what veggies can and cant have???

  • Tammy

    Can you feed Alfalfa hay like what I feed the horses?

  • Kara

    I have a question I have a lionhead dwarf rabbit and I was wondering if he (peanut) can have corn? i know the lady I got him from said not no feed it to him

  • hi

    I have a question. I have a lionhead rabbit and he doesn’t eat his pellets I tried like 4 brands and nothing why doesn’t my rabbit eat his pellets?

    1. Felicia Dassonville

      I also have a lionhead he loves bananas only small portion, Timothy hay and he loves harvest advanced nutrion diet it has pellets, dried fruit and veggues and seeds

    2. Meghan

      Some rabbits don’t like pellets. It’s not absolutely necessary to feed pellets it they won’t eat them. Feed lots of healthy dark green veggies and hay to make up for it 🙂 Hope I helped!

    3. Trudy

      I would go to our local vet to seek some help and/or try mixing in some of his favorite treats but, i´m not expert it would be best to see your vet.

  • Barbara collins

    What tit bits can my lion head eat without fear he loves the little hangingtreat call natures nibbles also he loved abig ball looks like twigs

  • Michael kemper

    Lettuce and other vegetables that have a high water content are not suitable for rabbits, it causes diarrhea and can lead to death, spring greens, berries in limited amounts are fine, no celery, again, water content is to high and the fibers are not easily digested, rabbits have a poor digestive system so that’s why they poop alot

  • Grace

    Hello, I got my lion head bunny two days ago, he is only 10 weeks old. I have fed him normal food for two days but can I feed him greens two days a week?

  • Teresa

    I have two lionheads, and our vet says no green food of any kind for this breed, ever. No straw/hay to eat or for bedding, as it can cause kidney stones (one of ours in fact passed a stone about a year ago). Feed for special treats pieces of apples without skins, and regular cheerios (the ones in the yellow box), a small slice of banana every now and then. Otherwise just pellets.

  • alana

    how many cups of pellets does a 2-3 pound lion head need to eat

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