How to care for a Lionhead Rabbit?

Since lionhead rabbits are very intelligent and social creatures they require extended care. In addition, because of their wooly mane and a strong need for interaction with their owners they need more care when compared with other domestic rabbit breeds. Besides providing them with fresh hay and water you will have to do a dozen other things in order to keep your bunnies healthy. For example, making sure they have enough space to hop around is of great essence. Moreover, it is important to create a habitat where they feel at home. Read more about the housing options(Indoor, outdoor, cage types). All in all, caring for a lionhead is a task you should take very seriously. Since it is impossible to cover such an important topic at only a single page we advise you to take a look at the bottom of this page or use the menu above to navigate to other pages that assist you in caring for this amazing breed.

caring for lionhead rabbits
Especially baby lionhead rabbits require a lot of care

A Lionhead rabbit needs daily care

Caring for your bunny requires you to make daily efforts in order to ensure their wellbeing. The most important daily task is to provide them with fresh water and large amounts of hay. Furthermore, it is recommended to play for a while and interact with each other. By doing so you make sure your lionheads gets enough exercise and therefore decreases the odds of getting spinal problems and obesity. Also, part of your daily schedule should be to observe your bunny and perform a basic health check. For an extensive description of all these tasks we refer to our daily care section that includes several tips, an absolutely must read for new owners.

Provide a healthy diet

Besides making sure that your bunny has enough space to live the most important part of taking care is to provide a healthy diet. Are you aware of what a lionhead isn’t allowed to eat? The list of fruits, vegetables, plants that can do serious harm is extensive. We strongly recommend to read our articles about feeding your lionhead rabbit. By reading those articles you will know what to feed and how much they require. For example, the diet of babies differs a lot from the diet of an adult lionhead. Moreover, when food isn’t fresh it will lose its nutrition value.

Lionhead rabbit eating hay
Lionhead Rabbits love hay

Keep your lionhead healthy

In addition to providing a healthy diet you should frequently check their health status. As goes for all rabbit breeds, there are some diseases you really have to be aware of. Among them are Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and Myxomatosis. These diseases are in most cases lethal. As a result we advise you to read our section about vaccinations and learn what you can do to protect your lionhead. Please remember that it is better to prevent than to cure. Furthermore, during your daily and weekly health check we advise to check their teeth. It is given that lionheads are more prone to dental diseases.

Are you thinking of buying a lionhead?

Prior to caring for your Lionhead rabbit it is essential that you carefully select the ideal rabbit. Many people forget this important first step and choose the first Lionhead rabbit they encounter. However, this is the wrong approach. It is essential that you have a perfect fit together. We have made a guide that describes 7 steps that will help you select the ideal bunny.



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  • Olivia

    When can baby lionhead bunnies start to eat hay,pellets,and food that you give your bigger bunnies

    1. Twila Simpson

      I would like a baby lion head rabbit and if you provide all the supplies for him to and a huge cage and a leash I will pay you 50 dollars for it then when I get the time. Thank try to get a hold of me when you can.

    2. Tara

      about 3-4 weeks old

  • Lauren

    Around 3/4 weeks.

  • JoAnna

    Please dont give the bunny potato of any kind. only lite organic veggies, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, little fruits blueberries, raspberries 3 times a week. , 2 teaspoons of organic rolled oats. Purified water. Timothy hay. The Sherwood pet Health co. provided a baby pellet formula that is so nutritional you give a smaller portion. They also have a digestion support, an aid that provides healing for their system. another breeder
    on line is where I found out about this company. They are sell on Amazon, but it’s less expensive if you call and order Over the phone. (435) 557-1627. You will not be sorry with this pellits, and digestion support product. Please call me if you need some more support. I’ve read hundreds of hours of information on the websites. I have a Lionheads, and 2 Other Havana’s. Am wondering the consistency of the droppings. Keep him out of his waste, using a grill covered litter box will keep him germ free. My name is JoAnna, 435-862-9354. Keep his diet simple and clean. Good luck *

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