List of outdoor rabbit cages

Besides keeping a lionhead indoor you could also choose to house your rabbit outdoor, it has some advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that you consider housing a rabbit indoor as well before making a final decision. If this is your first lionhead rabbit you should take a look at our page that explains how to create their habitat. We can distinguish several options to house your rabbit outdoors and in order to make a good choice we created an overview.

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Please keep in mind that some options might be expensive but that they are definitely worth it because it improves your rabbits health and therefore also the life expectancy. Regardless the choice you make you should provide at least the following items; a litter pan, food bowls and a water bottle. You could also add some lionhead toys, your rabbit will certainly appreciate that!

rabbit hutch
A typical outdoors rabbit hutch

Create a rabbit shed

If you have a shed in your backyard you can easily convert it into an outdoor rabbit residence. Depending on the size of your shed and the available space you could either choose to let your rabbit(s) roam around freely or you could create shelves with rabbit cages. A major benefit of keeping your rabbits in a shed is that you create a safe environment that is also more comfortable than for example a rabbit run. Especially during winters your rabbits will greatly benefit from the more stable temperatures and therefore their life expectancy increases.

Buy or construct a rabbit hutch

One of the most common options for housing a rabbit outdoors is to create or buy a rabbit hutch. A regular hutch consists of wooden box that in most cases includes a wire mesh construction at the front. As you can see in the picture, there is a special enclosed area where they can sleep or seek shelter if they please.

a rabbit run
A typical example of a rabbit run

Construct a rabbit run

Besides keeping your lionhead rabbit in a shed or a regular hutch you could also choose for constructing a rabbit run. This option is somewhat similar to a rabbit pen (a wired frame) but it also features a roof that protects against predators as well as extreme weather conditions. If you have enough space in your backyard constructing a rabbit run is a great option, by doing so you enable your bunnies to exercise all they want. It is popular to combine having a hutch with a run, some owners even choose to connect them.

a rabbit pen
A typical example of a rabbit pen