Housing a lionhead rabbit

An important part of taking care for your lionhead rabbit is to create a habitat that contributes to having a healthy life as well as ensuring that your bunny feels happy. In order to do so you will have to start with making some choices. For example, will you keep your rabbit indoor or outdoor? What kind of enclosure or cage will you use? We will assist you in making these difficult choices a bit easier by providing a guide in housing your lionhead.

housing a lionhead rabbit
Examples of outdoors housing, rabbit shed & hutch & run

Basic habitat guidelines

One of the most important habitat requirements is that your rabbit has more than enough space to live. It depends on how many available space you have but in general the rule applies, the more space the better. If either your budget and/or available space is limited you should at least try to assure that the size of the habitat is your rabbit’s length multiplied by 5. Moreover, it is recommended to have a minimum width of the rabbit’s length multiplied by 3. Regarding the minimum height, for a lionhead it is not essential to have a tall habitat. The only rule that applies is that he should be able to stand on his back legs without touching any surface.

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Do I keep my rabbit outdoor or indoor?

You will have to choose whether you will keep your lionhead indoor or create a habitat outdoor in for example your backyard. For some this might be an easy choice. For instance, if you live in an apartment with either zero or little space outside an indoor rabbit cage is the only workable option. For those who have plenty of room both indoor as well as outdoor we advise to examine the pros and cons of both options before making a decision.

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lionhead rabbits in a pen
A pen is an option for keeping your lionheads outdoors

Choose the most suitable cage type or enclosure

After you made up your mind whether you wish to keep your lionhead indoors or outdoors it is time to select the most suitable cage or enclosure. There are numerous options, varying from large multi-level-cages to an outdoor rabbit run. It depends on your available space and budget what the best option is. Please be aware that it might require a serious investment. However, a good cage it definitely worth it because you increase the odds to having a happy and healthy lionhead. Nevertheless, in some cases it is even possible to for example create your own cage or rabbit shed and therefore minimize the costs. In order to make it somewhat easier for you to decide we created pages that contain all the different options for outdoor as well as indoor.

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Buy essential accessories

After you chose the most suitable cage/enclosure option you should make sure that some essential accessories are also present. If you bought a complete rabbit cage it is most likely that these accessories will be included but this might not always be the case. Make sure that at least a water bottle and one or more bowls for vegetables/pellets are present. Did you know that lionheads like toys? If you have enough space we recommend to include some toys as well. See our toys page and find out how to easily create your own. We are sure that your bunny will enjoy them.

  • Jason wilkinson

    Should you keep lionheads single or in pairs please?

    1. Diane Downs

      Leave them together and you will soon find out the meaning of breeding like rabbits

    2. Rabbit 101

      You have to keep every rabbit no matter what the breed in pairs! It’s an essential. Rabbits need companionship!

      1. Amy Siglin

        can the companion bunny be of the same sex?

  • Jennifer Hearn Armour

    Rabbits actually are not communal livers. The only time they pair up is to breed. They are perfectly fine not paired up with another rabbit. I think as humans we want them to have a companion. Only that is not what their instincts tell them.

    1. Danip

      Rabbits live in warrens in the wild. Stop giving bad advice on a rabbit website. One google search would show that you are wrong.

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