If you are interested in breeding Lionhead Rabbits and live in the United States you should visit the website of the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club (NALRC), which is an official club chartered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). If you join them you can receive assistance. There is also a club within the United Kingdom that is comparable to the NLARC, it is called the National Lionhead Rabbit Club (NLRC). The NLRC serves as an organization that encourages people to keep Lionhead rabbits and also informs (potential) breeders.


The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) is a club within the United States that promotes the domestic rabbit production. It’s headquarter is located in Bloomington, Illinois. They assist and educate breeders as well as rabbit keepers. Throughout the year they will host rabbit shows where visitors have the chance to have their for instance Lionhead rabbit examined in comparison with other breeders or standard. Once a year they will hold a national convention that draws visitors from all over the world. Members are enabled to exhibit their rabbits at these conventions.


Identical to the ARBA the main goal of the British Rabbit Council (BRC) which is located in the United Kingdom is to protect and co-ordinate the interests of breeders with a British nationality. Moreover, they provide and promote education regarding the breeding of rabbits. As a member of the Britisch Rabbit Council they will send you several books regarding the breeding standards and rules and you are able to present your rabbits at their rabbit shows.

Listed breeders

If you are a Lionhead Rabbit breeder and you wish to get listed for free at this website in order to gain more attention of potential buyers you can send an e-mail to us by clicking here. We will enable you to promote your website as well as your own Lionhead rabbits. Furthermore, we also allow you to write a promotional text that may contain pictures. If you have any questions regarding getting placed at our website feel free to contact us.

  • rachel

    i’ve just recently bought two beautiful female sibling lion head bunnies, both at 8 weeks old. Before i bought them I had been told by some that i should neutur my rabbits at 6 months old, despite if they were both of the same sex, because when they sexually mature their personalities could change for the worse??? Is it really true? or can i avoid my bunnies having to go through the procedure?

    1. Gloria

      Personality aside, about 50% of female rabbits develop uterine cancer. I was lucky mine had surgery after cancer was detected but it was encapsulated mostly she lived over a year after her diagnosis and surgery. She lived to be 9 yrs. She was a dutch/netherland dwarf mix. Talk to a knowlegeable veterinarian in your area to help you decide. Good luck.

    2. Lauren

      We bought our girls at 8 weeks old as well but hadto delay neutering due to financial issues. Now we have one nesting and firmly believe the other is a boy. I recommend neutering asap because you never know. Rabbits are notoriously difficult to sex at a young age. Also a majority of female rabbits will develop uterine or ovarian cancer if they are not neutered.

  • dianna wilson

    looking for a Breeder. female. Rifle,co

  • dianna wilson

    Black Rabbit

    1. Jacqui Lynette

      Are you still looking for lion head kits?

  • Anthony Trowell

    I live in Sylvester Ga I am looking for a double main lionhead rabbit breeder and English lop 229-343-3935 best to text in case im at work !

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