Lionhead Rabbit Breeders

If you want to purchase a Lionhead Rabbit it is important that you buy it from a respectable breeder who has good references. It is not recommend to buy your rabbit from individuals who happen to have a Lionhead for sale, if you do so you risk buying a rabbit that might have all kind of diseases or a bad temperament.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We refer to our other website, for a new UP TO DATE Rabbit Breeder Directory with a MAP. We invite Lionhead Rabbit breeders to list their Rabbitry!


List of Lionhead rabbit breeders

Within the United States and the United Kingdom there a lot of breeders. This page will assist you in finding the ideal breeder where you could buy your Lionhead Rabbit. You can easily find out which breeders are located closely to your home. Learn more about them by viewing their own page and find out which kinds of lionhead rabbits they breed & sell.

Featured listings

BunnizonaLion in the Shade
Legendary Farms Streamside Bunnies

Also have a look at Twilight Lionheads!

Other Lionhead breeders

See our more helpful rabbit pages for a list of breeders.

Are you a lionhead breeder? Easily list your rabbitry

If you are a lionhead rabbit breeder you can get listed at our website by sending an e-mail with information about your rabbitry. We aim to reply to your request within 24 hours. By having your own page you can inform potential buyers about what kinds of lionheads you sell and how they can reach you. You are also allowed to provide a description of your rabbitry including several pictures. Important to mention, listing is FREE.

*Update* As of 06-2015 we are still in the process of gathering breeder requests and therefore we will probably launch the first version within two weeks.If you have any further questions regarding this page or getting listed you can either fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to melissavandervalke

  • tracy schneider

    Do you know of a Lionhead Rabbit Rescue? I just lost my Lionhead I rescued and may be interested in another adoption sometime in the near future.

  • Michele Payne

    Any breeders in western washington?

  • Boonnie

    Need a beautiful rabbit asap for my son. Ease contact me. Location is southern Colorado

  • Vincent

    Where do I buy ?? I live in berea Ohio need to know asap

  • Faye

    Try Mini F stud

  • Sam

    are there any breeders in Georgia?

  • Debbie

    Who in the U.S has double lionheaded show rabbits for sale? Lot of the websites are old and not updated. I live in Missouri.

  • Lori B Turner

    Are they’re any in Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • don`t need all the junk, Edith Ziglar

    I’m looking for a double mane lionhead baby doe

  • James Hernandez

    Near Burbank Ca, i have tan and black male and females for sale

    1. Mary Ann

      Hi James,
      I am looking for a baby or young female. Can you please call me when you get a chance. My number is 805-304-0225. Thanks, Mary Ann

  • Heather

    Any in south Texas?

  • Aurora Boyer

    Live in Idaho need a female Lionhead, any near by breeders?

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