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My lionhead keeps pulling her fur out, what is wrong?
If a lionhead rabbit does this and she is a female it is most likely that she is pregnant. Carefully observe this behavior for a couple of days, it is possible that there are other reasons. If she really was pregnant it is possible that within 30 days from your first notice of pulling fur out she might give birth.
What does a Lionhead rabbit cost?
The price for a lionhead differ a lot, it depends where and from who you buy them. The average price range is between $15,- and $25,-.

What is their history?
Experts believe that the lionhead rabbit was a crossing between a Swiss Fox and a dwarf rabbit, there is however no evidence for this hypothesis. Before the lionhead rabbit was imported in the United States it was already a popular rabbit in Europe. As of 2014 the breed was officially accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). The Britisch Rabbit Council (BRC) already accepted them many years earlier in 2002. For more information about their history we refer to this page.
Is my rabbit a male or female?
You can easily find out whether you have a male or a female round by simply looking beneath there stomach.
If my lionhead is pregnant how many babies can I expect?
This varies, in average you can expect around 5 lionhead babies.
What is their average lifespan?
The average is around 8 years but this depends heavily on their diet and the health care they received throughout their life. Providing your lionhead with healthy food definitely increases his expected age.

  • Rustie Durbin

    How old can a female be before she gets pregnant

    1. Millie Cottrell

      5 to 6 months

  • Rustie Durbin

    I really enjoyed this website

  • moura steinberg

    thank you so much for this great information. I have a Black Vienna Marked Lionhead Rabbit, one eye is blue and the other is half blue and brown. I would like to get another, he is so sweet. Do you know a breeder of the Black Vienna Marked but with blue eyes?

  • Deborah

    What temperature can a lion head tolerate?

  • Bear

    I have a 20 week old buck and a 10 week old doe who have lived for the last 3 weeks in a double cage blocked off so they can’t get too each other but can see and smell each other. However the board that had been screwed in to block them had come loose and my husband was going to fix it. I put them in their cage at 6:30pm when I checked on them at 7:45pm major panic set in as I couldn’t see her then noticed they were together – she had managed to move the board a small amount and squeeze through the small gap. I’m worried she might now be pregnant and she is so young. He’s already booked in to be neutered this week. This can’t be happening?

  • Tina

    I am thinking of getting a lion head. However, I have two very small well behaved chihuahuas around 3lbs each. Are lion head rabbits OK around other animals? Can they roam free for small periods of time

  • kris

    My lion head male urines a lot, is this normal? HIs diet consist of good quality hay, pellets, carrots, dark greens, he has chew toys from the pet store. He is out and active, but still concerned from web sites Ive been reading. My other rabbit urinates a quarter of what he does.

  • Angela

    We have 2 female lionhead rabbits. They’re both intact and both about a year old. We’ve had Bunny #1 since she was 3 months old and just recently got Bunny #2. We thought that they would become the best of friends, however, it hasn’t turned out that way at all. Bunny #1 seems to have lost her marbles over Bunny #2 and has become increasingly aggressive towards her. We have to keep them in separate cages, because if we put them together Bunny #1 attacks Bunny #2 and the last time she gave Bunny #2 a pretty bad wound. So, long story short, my question is: if I fix Bunny #1, what is the likelihood that she will mellow out and stop being so aggressive and attacking Bunny #2? I need help! Thank you in advance.

  • Jill Besaw

    Can a lion head bunny survive winter outside if he has a heated rabbit hut with an outdoor run?

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