The Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead Rabbit is one of the newest rabbit breeds in the United States and has recently been recognized by the American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) as an official breed of domestic rabbits. This means that rabbit breeders are now officially allowed to breed and sell Lionhead Rabbits. In contrast with the recent acceptation in the United States the breed is already recognized in the United Kingdom for more than 12 twelve years. The rabbit breed has a longer history, it already became very popular within Europe during the late nineties. Although the first Lionhead rabbits already went to the United States in America in this same period it took many years before the ARBA accepted and recognized this new breed. Are you looking for a Lionhead? Make sure to read our page about buying a lionhead first. Moreover, we can also help you with finding suitable breeders.

Lionhead rabbit babies orange and chestnut
Lionhead rabbit babies orange & chestnut

What does a Lionhead rabbit look like?

This small and tiny rabbit has a compact build and its head is set closely to their body, they are very muzzled and their weights is normally around 3 pounds depending on their age. Their body is usually around 2 to 3 inch in length. The average lifespan is 8 years which depends heavily on the level of special care they have received throughout their life. What makes the Lionhead Rabbit unique and special is that it features a mane that has some visual similarities with the mane of a well-known animal, the lion. This lion mane is where the breed owes its name to.

Lionhead Rabbit Orange colored
Picture of Orange Lionhead Rabbit by Bunnizona


A special rabbit

In contrast with the more ordinary rabbit breeds the Lionhead Rabbit is a unique breed that distinguishes itself with his mane from these others breeds. The lion look alike manes make sure that the rabbit looks amazing. Nevertheless, in comparison with the more common rabbits the Lionhead rabbit needs more care and attention. They are clever and sensitive pets that desire love and attention until they’ve had enough of it. In addition they are very active and like to run around in their hutch or cage. This is why the Lionhead Rabbit according to some people might not be seen as the most ideal rabbit for young children. However, the opposite is the case. Although they require some experienced handling they do make great pets for young children. Moreover, many 4H clubs use this breed in order to learn the youngest what breeding rabbits is all about. Learn more about their temperament.

Discover more about the Lionhead Rabbit

Black Tort Lionhead Rabbit
Picture of a Black Tort by bunnizona

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