Baby Lionhead Rabbits for sale

We present you with a list of Lionhead Rabbits that are for sale within both the United States of America (as well as Canada) and the United Kingdom. Please be aware of the fact that only serves as a mediator between the seller and potential buyers. We can’t be held responsible, although we only allow professional breeders to post you should rely on your own judgement before making a decision to purchase a bunny

Lionhead Rabbits for Sale near you?

One of the things that sometimes makes buying a Lionhead Rabbit complicated is that Lionhead Breeders are all over the country. Given the fact that many breeders don’t ship their bunnies and transport is very costly this is sometimes even mission impossible. Luckily we have created a list of Lionhead bunnies that are for sale near you. Have a look at the list shown below and hopefully you might like some of the bunnies that are now available.

We suggest to read our guide to buying a Lionhead rabbit before closing the deal and avoid potential problems. The guide is based upon 7 buying guidelines that we advise you to follow.

Lionhead Rabbit Breeders

In order to reach out to breeders we have created a breeders map that allows you to enter your ZIP code and see which breeders are located nearby. Have a look at the 60+ Lionhead breeders and share your thoughts with us. If you are a breeder yourself and wish to be added to the map just fill in the contact form and we will add you.

List of available Lionhead Rabbits:

lionhead rabbit for sale
FOR SALE | contact Sheila’s Lionheads
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You can choose among different colors (Black, Blue, REW), we are taking reservations so act quick if you are interested.
Location: United States
Breeder: Sheila’s Lionheads
Owner: Sheila Reed

Breeders profile: Everyone who purchases a bunny from me (I charge $100 per rabbit) gets a 1 hour Bonding, Handling, Care and Discipline lesson, as well, I come with the rabbit for life – as long as the bunny lives I am available for advice and tips. Over 15 years I have sold approx 500 rabbits and I know where they all are (or have been)! I get lots of updates!

Lionhead Team