Lionhead Rabbit Varieties & Colors

lionhead rabbit babies
Lionhead rabbit babies in different varieties

The Lionhead rabbit exists in many varieties, colors and patterns. Many of these colors do also exist within other rabbit breeds. It is amazing to see how many varieties and colors breeders managed to develop. By visiting the shows and yearly conventions you have a chance to see and experience them in real life instead of viewing photos. However, in order to give you an idea of how amazing these different lionhead colors look we have created an overview by using color groups that is shown below.

Within the United Kingdom the Lionhead rabbit was already recognized as an official breed of domestic rabbits within 2002. Along with this breed recognition nowadays also all the available colors and varieties are nowadays recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC).

Within the United States

Within the United States the Lionhead rabbit has recently been recognized as an official breed. Therefore there are less recognized varieties and colors when compared with the UK. The only varieties that are recognized are Ruby Eyed White (REW) and Tortoise (Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac). Several varieties and colors such as: Blue Eyed White, Chocolate, Sable Point, Seal, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Point are in what they Certification of Development, this means that these variety could be accepted and recognized after three successful presentations at American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) conventions or shows.

Overview Lionhead varieties and colors

Agouti Color Group
Agouti – Click here for pictures

ChestnutChinchillaChocolate Chestnut/Agouti
Choclate chinchillaOpalLynx
Sable AgoutiSquirrel (blue chinchilla)

Self Color Group
Self – Click here for pictures

BlackBlueBlue-Eyed-White [BEW]
ChocolateLilacRuby-Eyed-White [REW]
Black TortBlue TortChocolate Tort
Lilac Tort

Shaded Color Group
Shaded – Click here for pictures

Chocolate PointSable PointSeal
Siamese SableSmoke PearlSmoke Pearl Point(Blue point)
Pointed white
Tan Color Group
Tan – Click here for pictures

Black OtterBlue OtterChocolate Otter
Fox (Tortoise Otter)Sable MartenSilver Marten
Smoke Pearl Marten
Marked Color Group
Marked – Click here for pictures

Broken/ButterflyHarlequinVienna Marked
Wideband Color Group
Wideband – Click here for pictures

FawnFrosty (Frosted Pearl)Orange
  • Deborah

    is the magpie recognized as a color?

    1. Team

      In the UK it is, this is not the case for the United States.

    2. Kailey groons

      Yes because I have 3 and they are blue, grey, and black magpies

  • Kailey groons

    Is a blue and black Harlequin lionheads good for show

  • Kris

    With a picture can you help me to identify the variety and classof my rabbit for showing purposes?

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