Cons of keeping a lionhead rabbit outdoors

Besides several pros of housing your lionhead outdoors there is also an extensive list of cons. If you believe that some cons are still missing feel free to add them by replying at the bottom of this page.

– Shorter life expectancy

Since the outdoor conditions are less optimal when compared with keeping your rabbits indoor this has direct effect on the life expectancy. On average outdoor rabbits have a much shorter life expectancy. This is due to; the presence of predators, extreme weather conditions, diseases.

– More easily exposed to diseases

If you keep your bunnies outdoors it is more likely that they get in direct contact with other animals. As a result this increases the odds that they might get ill. This is also due to the fact that they are more exposed to parasites.

– Could be stolen

The odds that your beloved lionhead bunny gets stolen increases. It depends on where you keep your lionheads outside but in many cases it is fairly easy to steal them. You could reduce the odds by using a padlock.

– Risk of predators

It depends on where you live but please keep in mind that outdoor predators might be interested in paying your bunnies a visit. If their home is strong enough you won’t have to be worried. However, if you keep your lionheads in a simple rabbit run they are more exposed to predators.

– Can be exposed to sun, other extreme wetter conditions

It depends on what cage type you use for your bunny but in general he or she will get more exposed to the sun and other extreme wetter conditions in comparison with keeping your bunny indoors. The temperature is less stable and therefore also less comfortable for your bunny.

– Harder to bond, get a connection

It is proven that it is more complicated to get a strong bond with your lionhead if you keep him or her outside in comparison with keeping indoors. In most cases when you keep your bunny indoors you will also spend more time with each other. This strengthens the bond.


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