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This category contains short questions and answers that are related to the daily care of the Lionhead rabbit. All of the content was provided by third parties, such as respectable breeders and experienced Lionhead rabbit keepers. Do you miss a question? Please contact us and we will make sure it will get listed.

How do I take care of my lionhead rabbit?
Taking care of a lionhead rabbit is like taking care of a more common rabbit with some additional care since they have manes. Make sure you brush them on a daily basis. The feeding is of great essence in order to keep your lionhead healthy. Please follow the diet that the vet gave you strictly.  The basis premises are: always provide fresh water and hay and clean their hutch on a regular base.

Is it easy to care for a lionhead rabbit?
All pets require a certain amount of attention of their keeper. Even a cat needs to be fed on a daily base. The same goes for lionhead rabbits. How would you define easy? Yes, it will certainly take you some time every day in order to feed the rabbit. Moreover, you will have to clean the cage every week. All in all, it does require some effort to take care of a lionhead rabbit but it should not be exaggerated. Besides, in return for these efforts you will have the chance to keep an extraordinary animal as pet.

Do their manes require extra attention?
Yes, the mane is what distinguishes the lionhead rabbit from other rabbits. It requires more attention because they could easily get mats in their mane if you don’t brush them enough. Therefore you should at least brush these rabbits 3 or 4 times a week. Please be extremely careful with cutting the manes, we recommend to buy a special scissor at the pet shop or contact the vet.

  • Abby

    New lion head owner. What kind of brush would you recommend?

  • Robyn Oleksy

    I use a regular comb, it picks up the loose fur

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