Within this category you will find short questions and answers that are related to the appearance of the Lionhead rabbit. All of the content was provided by third parties, such as respectable breeders and experienced Lionhead rabbit keepers. Do you miss a question? Please contact us and we will make sure it will get listed.

What does a lionhead rabbit look like?
A small rabbit that has a very compact and rounded body. They can exist in many different colors and patterns. The difference with other dwarf rabbits is that they have manes that show similarities with the manes of a lion. This is why they are called lionhead rabbits.
Lilac Lionhead Rabbit
Lilac Lionhead Rabbit
Chocolate Lionhead Rabbit
Chocolate Lionhead Rabbit
How big does my lionhead get?
Normally their weight is between 2,5 to 3,5 pounds. This is comparable with other dwarf rabbits.
Why do lionhead rabbits have manes?
This is because they have a mane gene that causes them to have manes that show similarities with the manes of a lion.

How tall can they be?
The lionhead rabbit can grow up to 8-10 inch and its ears usually are 2-3 inch. Their manes also grow between 2-3 inch.
What is double mane?
It is partly genetic, double mane lionhead rabbits have two mane genes. When compared with single mane rabbits their manes occasionally also cover their flanks, also referred to as their “skirts”.
What is single mane?
Single mane rabbits have only one mane gene. The difference with double mane rabbits is that their manes might diminish after they become older.

What kind of colors and patterns exist?
Lionhead rabbits can have many different colors, there is a difference between the United States and the United Kingdom. Since the breed has been recently accepted within the U.S. the officially available and accepted colors are less when compared to the U.K. Some colors are; Black, Opal, Red Eye White (REW) and Blue Eye White (BEW), for a full overview we refer to our color and varieties page.
When is a lionhead full-grown?
Normally after 6 months they can be seen as full-grown. After they are full-grown their weight should be monitored, prevent them gaining weight.
What about their fur, does it differ from other rabbits?
No, their fur is comparable with other well-known rabbits. The only big difference is that the lionhead rabbit has a mane that looks a bit like the manes of a lion.



  • Sabrina

    I have a lionhead and he has the mane bit it only exists around his head and a little around his front legs. does this mean that he could be only half lionhead.

    1. Selina

      My rabbits the same and he’s purebred

    2. Abby

      It just means your Lionhead is “Single manned”. Double manned Lionheads have fur all over, and it can be very long. I own a single mane Lionhead and a double. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is only half Lionhead. He can still be 100% lionhead, but in his genes it doesn’t allow his mane to grow all over, that’s all.

  • Ana

    My lionhead has tons of fur and we live in a 35ºC city, shall I do him a hair-cut?

    1. Abby

      If it looks like it is causing a problem to him then you can, but as long as there is plenty of shade and water, he should be fine. What I like to do is on the very hot days I will put ice cubes in the pen to help keep them cool (and refreshed). If that doesn’t work you can cut his mane. (Not recommended unless he lives inside the house).

  • Bonnie

    Input my male in with my female lionhead this morning and he tried to mate( even thought a couple time he had the wrong end) next thing I knew she was on her back kicking at him. I was told they were male and female could I have been lied to on sexes. Or will a female do this, there was hair in cage. Scared me that one would get hurt. So I grabbed her gently and took her away from him . Please help I’m working I’ll not be able to breed our lionheads and we want some more lionheads from them.

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