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Within this category you will find short questions and answers that are related to the special care that Lionhead rabbit might require. All of the content was provided by third parties, such as respectable breeders and experienced Lionhead rabbit keepers. Do you miss a question? Please contact us and we will make sure it will get listed.

Do I have to give my lionhead rabbit a bath?
In general rabbits can be seen as very clean pets. As a result it is not required to give them a bath. As long as they are healthy there is no reason to do so. If your lionhead starts to smell something be wrong. Please contact the vet if this is the case.
Does a lionhead rabbit has special medical conditions?
No they haven’t. However some experts state that they might be more prone for dental diseases than other rabbit breeds. If your lionhead rabbit doesn’t eat enough hay dental problems might arise. Contact your vet as soon as possible if you suspect that this is the case, even if they already have the dental disease there is a still a chance that the problems can be resolved.

Do I need to vaccinate my lionhead rabbit?
Yes this is recommended in order to ensure their health. Vaccinations for the Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis are strongly recommended by experts. For more info we refer to this page.
My lionhead is pregnant, how do I care for her?
If it is the first time that you have a pregnant rabbit it might be wise to contact a vet for some detailed advice. Make sure the pregnant rabbit has enough living space so that she can exercise. Also make sure that you provide enough hay, grass and fresh water.
How do I know if my lionhead rabbit is pregnant?
You will notice that your lionhead is pregnant when she is pulling her fur out. This is usually the sign that a rabbit is pregnant. After the first time you noticed it please watch your rabbit carefully. Within around 30 days she will give birth. Make sure that she completely alone when this happens. Other male rabbits might decide to eat the young ones.

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