Cons of keeping a lionhead rabbit indoors

Besides having many pros for keeping your bunny indoors there are also a certain cons. We created a list of all the cons we would imagine. Do you miss something? Feel free to reply and let us know what should be added.

– Might damage your interior

If you keep your lionhead indoors they might damage your interior if you let him out his cage. Due to the fact that they like to chew your remote controls, couch, cables, and other wooden objects aren’t safe. Moreover, female lionheads might also start digging and therefore could damage your floor.

– Cage requires space

Having an indoor cage requires some free space. Please keep in mind that the cage should at least be 5 times the length, 3 times the width of your lionhead.

– Could cause noise and unpleasant odors

It might occur that your bunny makes noise by running around his cage or scratching it. Moreover, it could also occur that they will cause unpleasant odors.

– Increased cleaning

In comparison with keeping your lionhead outside you will have to clean their cage more often in order to avoid an unpleasant smell in your house.

– Presence of other animals

If you keep other animals in your home such as cats and dogs it’s not guaranteed that they will get along with each other. We recommend to be careful on this, only allow them to be with each other after you carefully monitored both the behavior of your lionhead as well of the other animals.

– Urine stains

If you let them run around your home you should try to litter train them in order to prevent urine stains. These stains stink a lot and aren’t easy to get rid of.


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