Pros of keeping a lionhead rabbit indoors

Many lionhead owners choose to house their rabbit indoors. There are several pros for doing so. However, besides certain advantages there are also some cons for keeping your rabbit indoor that you should consider. Make sure to also check the pros and cons of keeping a lionhead outdoor before making a final decision.

Pros of keeping indoors

A list of all the pros, do you know a pro that isn’t included in the list? We would appreciate it if you could post a reply and we will make sure to add it to the list.

+ Easier to bond

If you keep your lionhead indoors it is easier to get a connection between your bunny and you and the rest of household. Due to the fact that you will be able provide more attention you will sooner get a bond.

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+ Increased life expectancy

In general it is proven that rabbits who live indoors tend to live longer when compared with rabbits who live outdoor. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. Many of them are listed below. In general, due to better conditions, protection, being happy, rabbits who live indoors approximately live longer.

+ Protection against predators

In comparison to keeping your lionhead outside you will eliminate the risk that other animals (fox, ferrets, dogs etc.) might harm your bunny.

+ Fun and joy

Don’t underestimate the level of fun and joy a lionhead brings into your life when you decide to keep him indoor. You will experience that having a good connection will result in a lionhead being a valuable addition to your family.

+ Being Happy

Your lionhead also benefits from staying inside, due to the fact they get more attention and have better living conditions it is more likely that they will feel happy and often express this feeling.

+ Better conditions

As mentioned one of the pros is that the conditions are better when compared to outdoor. The temperature is more stable and also comfortable, your lionhead definitely appreciates that. Moreover, there is a lesser chance that your lionhead gets infected through contact with other animals because “wild” animals can’t get close.

+ Being in better shape

Since it is more likely that you will play with them they automatically get more exercise and as a result they will be in better shape.