Daily care lionhead rabbit

Right after you have purchased your first Lionhead rabbit the daily caring begins. One should not underestimate the time effort you have to make in order to care for your rabbit. It is a responsibility that is comparable with caring for a dog. In contrast cats can care for themselves for a couple of days if they have enough food and water but this is not the case with rabbits. Especially when your bunny is still a baby lionhead he or she needs a lot of daily care and attention.

lionhead rabbits eating
You will have to feed your lionheads on a daily basis

Daily feeding

As mentioned caring for your lionhead is a task that requires daily effort. Feeding your rabbit is the most important element of the daily care. Lionhead Rabbits love hay and it serves as the main ingredient of their diet. Besides providing fresh hay on a daily basis make sure you also replace their water in order to keep it fresh. Moreover, when you replace their water it is important that you also clean their bottle or whatever you use for giving them water. When your rabbit is 7 months or younger it is advised to provide pellets as well. For more information about their diet we refer to the feeding page.

>>> Learn more about what to feed your lionhead

Special daily care

If you have had before or have other rabbits right now than you will experience that caring for a lionhead rabbit is kind of less the same as for any other rabbit breed. However, there is one big difference. What distinguishes the lionhead from others is exactly the thing what causes that they require more daily care. Their unique manes need some extra attention. You can prevent your lionhead from getting tangles in his mane by brushing him several times a week. If their manes become that long that it reduces their visual sight you could consider to groom these areas. Please be extra careful when doing so because you can easily hurt the rabbit if you make a wrong move.

Groom your lionhead rabbit on a daily base
Grooming your lionhead rabbit prevents tangles.

Check their health status

When a lionhead rabbit starts smelling this is an indication that they are unhealthy at that time. Therefore it is essential to monitor their health several times a week. Even if you have the slightest concerns please always pay a visit to a vet. It is better to prevent than to cure. For more information about any possible diseases we refer to the vaccinations page.


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  • Patricia Dorsey

    How do you groom them? And with what

    1. shannon

      You can use baby wash onna rabbit. Iwash ours every couple months. Had him 2 years…

      1. Graziela

        You have to dry them well.
        I almost lost 2 of my rabbits because I did not dry them properly. They ended up in the vet for 24 hours… Nowadays I use baby wipes and a brush.

  • Jennifer

    I just use a wire brush and gently comb.

  • Brenda Harvey

    My gr dr gas one and wants to know if she can give it a bath. It’s still a baby, also.

    1. Jillian

      In a rabbit book I read, it’s not advised to give them baths unless recommended and told how to by the vet. Rabbits can be very nervous when given a bath. It did say you can spot clean them carefully as needed.

    2. shannon

      Baby wash like BABY magic. I use it every 3 months. Had him 2 years. Hes very clean and not one knot

  • shannon

    When u bath ur rabbit use baby bath.. Yes it is good to bath them I wash mine

  • Sara

    Could you wipe with a baby wipe? We just got our lil Lucy about 3 weeks ago and she doesn’t stink, but I wanna take care of her.

    1. Ky Travis

      Everything I’ve read states that you should NEVER submerge a rabbit in water to bathe or otherwise as they can get hypothermia quite easily. You should only “spot” clean them with a little water, or use baby wipes or a dry formula developed specifically for rabbits. Makes sense to me.

  • Treva

    Our bunny has a lot of matted fur. We brush him several times a week, but it’s still bad. Can the furballs be cut out?

  • lisa

    never cut rabbit hair, its one of the most common injuries seen in vets where someone has accidently cut skin instead. its very easily done with rabbits. any mats can usually be gently teased out with fingers and/or comb

  • Monica

    I take mine to the groomers a few times a year and she files his nails also. I do bathe him myself with lil water and a washcloth. He likes it and just sits while I wash him.

  • Savi

    Why can’t they take a bath in water

  • 10 Year Old Rabbit Owner

    Rabbits are very nervous animals so bathing them may scare them to death unless the rabbit seems very calm in the first bathing incident. Not advised as a result. You can cut out mats, I do it all the time on my lionhead angora rabbit. Never have cut him because I have my dad hold him in place on his lap and carefully trim the mat after his fur has outgrown about 2 cm. If the mat is very close to the skin, not advised. Either wait or shave with a electric clippers. Most vets do not shave rabbits so this is why most rabbit owners need to learn how to do this properly. It’s laughable some of the comments on this page…if you don’t know why a rabbit should not be bathed you have no business owning a rabbit. Also, nail trims with a human nail clipper is very diy easy. Unless your rabbit bites, can be done while having a friend or family member hold him in their lap. Just cut them a cm. No more because you may cut you rabbits quick. If you don’t feel comfortable or can’t see the nail quick, then go to your vet…but I’ve done this and even the vet cut my rabbits quick…bled for 5 minutes so beware. Decide pros and cons for your rabbit and situation/comfort level.

  • Jason ramirez

    I just bought one how do I let my lion head rabbit feeling better safe

  • kierstan

    I just got my double mane lionhead rabbit this pat Saturday she is 9 weeks old and I named her Bella I will be showing her at my county fair this April now I saw that they may enjoy playing with toys what and which type would be the best for her. And with this being my first time taking care of a lionhead do you recommend any tips. Only other animal i have raised that is close to a rabbit would be guinea pigs. A tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Aj

    I don’t know how to bathe it she has a couple of knots but thanks for the tips. So alll I need is is baby wash and a gentle brush

  • Aj

    To feed them they do like hay I give it to nia my rabbit every time she’s good (Wich she is every time)😜

  • Jules

    My Black Tort hates me. Whenever I feed it it tries to bite my hand off and when I pet it, it tries to make me bleed. It is so ungrateful! I mean, I have no friends and I’m not a very likable person. I guess it’s just me then…. Oh well!

  • cindy

    What type of hay? Grass or alfalfa?

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